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Still playing BF2142? Download this and put it in C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Battlefield 2142\mods\bf2142\Localization
It fixes the #NAME issue, as well as color coding important things. It also tells you how many points an action you did is worth. It's basically just a language translation file, and I've modified the English. This is not scanned by punkbuster because the whole point is to let the community make thier own translations.

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Wall Worm Gaming is a group of gamers focused on having a good time, using teamwork, and expressing creativity through gaming. Wall Worm has members of all ages and skill levels. Our philosophy is that even against superior individual gamers, teamwork will lead to victory. Many Wall Worm members are also custom map designers.

Custom Counter-Strike 1.6 Maps
de_sacrelige Shawn
de_welfare_square_rc3 Shawn
de_stonerhenge_rc4 Shawn
cs_interrogation Shawn
fy_kungfu Mat
fy_bridge Mat
fy_lockdown Mat
fy_killpump Mat
de_concerthall_rc1 Andrew
fy_shatter Andrew
Custom Hidden:Source Maps
hdn_sacrelige Shawn
Custom Counter-Strike:Source Maps
ww_de_tension Shawn

Wall Worm Gaming. We've got your back.